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MONSGEEK X Kailh Ice Cream Purple/Pink Switches

MONSGEEK X Kailh Ice Cream Purple/Pink Switches

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Ice Cream Purple Linear Switch

  • Operating Force:50±10gf 
  • Pre Travel:1.7±0.4mm  
  • Total Travel:4.0±0.3mm

Ice Cream Pink Linear Switch

  • Operating Force:40±10gf 
  • Pre Travel:1.7±0.4mm  
  • Total Travel:4.0±0.3mm


>Special Full POM Material Build.

>Silky Smooth Typing.

>Comes Factory Lubed.

>Self-Lubricating Design.

>Fast Trigger Response.

>Crisp Bottoming.

>Linear Actuation.

>Suitable For Office & Gaming Use.

>Lego-Like Box Structure.

>Five-Pin Design.

>Waterproof & Dustproof Build.

>Horizontal Pullers.

Monsgeek has jointly designed the all-new Ice Cream Purple and Pink switches with Kailh. These are self-lubricating switches made using high-quality full POM material. They offer silky smooth typing with crisp bottoming and fast trigger response. The Pink ones have a light trigger force of 40±10gf while the Purple ones have a trigger force of 50±10gf. The Ice Cream Pink & Purple switches have an exquisite build structure and offer delicate typing with silky smooth linear actuation.

Full POM Material Build:

POM Material is the new, high-quality material that is preferred for premium mechanical switches. The Ice Cream switches here have a nice and smooth color-matching finish. Full POM material has a self-lubricating nature, the more you use it, the smoother it gets!!

Factory Lubed For Smooth Operation:

Monsgeek x Kailh Ice Cream switches come factory lubed for smooth performance straight out of the box. With time, it gets smoother with its self-lubricating design. You get a silky smooth linear actuation and crisp bottoming on the switches.

Quick Trigger Response:

The Ice Cream switches here are suitable for gaming as well as regular usage with quick trigger response. Both the switches have a pre-travel of just 1.7±0.4mm, so the trigger is almost instantaneous.

Lego-Like Box Structure:

The Ice Cream Switches here have Kailh’s famous Lego-Like Box Structure. These have a stable build, and long durability, and also offers smoother operation with crisp bottoming. Typing on these switches has a rich feel to it. The switches have dust and waterproof build.

Five-Pin Design For Firm Grip:

The Ice Cream Switches have a five-pin design which allows for a firm and stable connection with the PCB sockets on your keyboard. They have a Horizontal Puller for easy replacement whenever required.

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