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Rapoo Ralemo Pre5 Retro Punk Wired/Wireless 2.4G Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Rapoo Ralemo Pre5 Retro Punk Wired/Wireless 2.4G Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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1. 3-mode connections: Bluetooth 5.0/3.0, 2.4G wireless, wired connection.

Fn+5, switch the wired mode channel; long press Fn+1/2/3 for 3 seconds to enter the Bluetooth 1/2/3 channel; insert the Rapoo receiver and connect to 2.4G wireless.

Bluetooth connection supports 3 devices, 1 wired connection and 1 2.4G connection, which can be switched by FN+1/2/3/4/5.

Note: BT5.0 requires Win8 or above.

2. Compatible with Windows and Mac systems, and can be connected to 5 devices.

Can be connected to 5 devices such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, and tablets for quick switching

Note: In Mac mode, the Windows key is the Option key, and the Alt key is the command key; FN+F12 switches between Win and Mac systems.

3. Full key conflict-free design.

In wired mode, support for simultaneous input of any key on the full keyboard. Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless mode are not supported.

4. Multimedia shortcut keys.

Fn+F3=home; Fn+F4=mail; Fn+F5=media player; Fn+F6=previous song; Fn+F7=play/pause; Fn+F8=next song; Fn+F9=mute; Fn+F10=volume-; Fn+F11=volume+; Fn+DEL=PrtSc

5. White backlight system.

The keyboard supports 6 backlight modes and 4-level brightness adjustment.

Fn+Ctrl_R: ripple mode/constant light mode/single light mode/breathing mode/starry mode/curve mode;

Fn+F1=Reduce keyboard backlight brightness;

Fn+F2=Increase keyboard backlight brightness.

Note: The actual lighting effect of the product is related to the environment, brightness, etc., please refer to the actual product.

6. USB-C interface, fast charging.

Built-in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, supports use while charging. Fully charged in about 4 hours.


  • Product size: 312*141*43.1mm
  • Product weight: 773g
  • Number of keys: 79
  • Transmission method: Bluetooth 5.0/3.0; 2.4G wireless; wired
  • Mechanical axis: Rapoo independent office mechanical axis (black/cyan/red/brown)
  • Button life: 60 million times
  • Backlight: White Backlight
  • Power supply mode: 4000mAh lithium battery

Receiver parameters:

  • Product size: 18*15*7mm
  • Product weight: 2g
  • Note: The above parameters are the parameters under the Windows system.



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