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Rapoo V2M 4K Dongle

Rapoo V2M 4K Dongle

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Link: VT9 Mouse

Link: VT3S Mouse


>High-Speed Wireless Receiver.

>Supports Up to 4kHz Polling Rate.

>Ultra-Fast Response Time(0.25ms/0.5ms/1ms).

>RGB Indicator Light.

>NXP Chip Design.

>Upgradeable Firmware.

>Compatible With RAPOO VT9/VT3S Wireless Gaming Mouse.

>Easy to connect.

>Precise Accuracy With Lightning-Fast Response Time.

>Easy to connect using Rapoo Driver Software.

>Available in White & Black Color Options.

Introducing the all-new RAPOO V2M high-speed 4K wireless mouse receiver. It’s a high-performance wireless receiver that unleashes the full potential of your gaming mice providing an ultra-fast 4KHz Polling rate and 0.25ms response time(depending upon the high-speed support with your mouse sensor). The V2M is an ideal device designed for the hardcore gamers in you that want precise accuracy with an ultra-fast response. It works perfectly with Rapoo’s latest VT9 wireless gaming mouse.

High-Speed Wireless Receiver:-

Through intelligent Rapoo 4K wireless technology algorithm and NXP high-performance hardware chip design, the Rapoo V2M maximizes the performance of your wireless gaming mouse with its high-speed 4KHz polling rate. You get to experience precise accuracy with ultra-fast response with your favorite mouse.

Supports High Polling Rate & Ultra-Fast Response Time:-

RAPOO wireless mouse supports a high-speed polling rate and ultra-fast response time. It enables your mouse to work to its full potential supporting adjustable polling rate(4KHz/2KHz/1KHz), and ultra-fast response time(0.25ms/0.5ms/1ms).

RGB Indicator Light:-

The RAPOO V2M features a built-in RGB indicator light. This light not only helps you in connecting your mouse but also shows its active battery level with different glowing colors.

Easy to Setup:-

The RAPOO V2M is fully compatible with RAPOO’s latest launched VT9/VT3S gaming mouse.


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