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Rapoo VT3S 3395 Mouse

Rapoo VT3S 3395 Mouse

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4K Dongle (V2M)


>Rapoo Intelligent V+ Wireless Gaming Technology.

>Flagship PAW3395 Optical Sensor.

>Lighting-Fast Performance.

>Precise Aim With Accurate Tracking.

>High-Speed 26000DPI Resolution.

>Fast 650IPS Tracking Speed.

>50G Acceleration.

>Qi Wireless Charging Support.

>High-Quality Omron Micro-Motion Switches.

>Gaming-Grade Scroll Wheel.

>Teflon Foot Stickers.

>Non-Slippery V-Shape Patterns on the Sides.

>Magnetic 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver Compartment.

>Comfortable Ergonomics with Symmetrical Design.

>Long-Lasting Battery Life(Up to 175 hours).

>Compatible With RAPOO’s latest V2M 4000Hz USB Receiver.

RAPOO VT3S is a brand-new high-performance dual-mode gaming mouse with wireless charging support. With the help of flagship-grade PAW3395 optical sensor, the VT3S promises unmatched performance with adjustable DPI up to 26000DPI, 650IPS tracking speed, and 50g Acceleration. RAPOO has featured high-quality Omron micro motion switches and a gaming-grade scroll wheel on the VT3S to ensure a quality clicking and scrolling experience. The VT3S has a Qi protocol for wireless charging, a wireless charger with Qi protocol will be able to charge the VT3S easily.

Intelligent V+ Wireless Technology:-

RAPOO has featured its intelligent V+ wireless technology on the VT3S. Supported by an intelligent wireless transmission chipset, the mouse achieves ultra-fast response time(1ms) promising a lag-free stable connection. With Nordic Low-Power Chipset, the mouse maintains low power consumption reasonably increasing its battery life.

Flagship-Grade Performance With Flagship-Grade Optical Sensor:-

RAPOO VT3S houses a flagship-grade PAW3395 optical sensor. It provides exceptional performance with precise accuracy and fast DPI performance. The VT3S supports an adjustable DPI of up to 26000DPI with fast 650IPS tracking and 50G acceleration. Defeat your competition with precise accuracy and accurate trigger response.

Wireless Charging Support & Long Battery Life:-

RAPOO VT3S supports a wireless charging function. Simply place the mouse on a wireless charging module and it will start charging. The mouse is equipped with a large 800mAh battery that provides a battery life of up to 175 hours with a single charge(RGB Off).

Great Experience With Omron Micro-Motion Switches & Gaming-Grade Scroll Wheel:-

RAPOO VT3S offers a great user experience with high-quality Omron micro-motion switches. They offer smooth clicks with a quick rebound. The mouse also features a high-quality Gaming-Grade scroll wheel. The switches here have long durability of up to 50 million clicks.

Easy Customization With Driver Software & Smart Cloud Storage:-

RAPOO VT3S is fully compatible with Rapoo driver software. It allows for different settings adjustment on the mouse including DPI settings, RGB Lightning, Macro Definition, etc.). VT3S has support for cloud storage that helps you to save your configuration and share it with other players worldwide.

Versatile Dual-Mode Connectivity:-

RAPOO VT3S gaming mouse supports dual connection modes for easy connectivity with multiple devices. It supports high-speed wireless 2.4GHz via an included receiver and Wired USB Type-C connection.

Compatible With RAPOO V2M High-Speed 4KHz Wireless Receiver:-

RAPOO VT3S is fully compatible with RAPOO’s recently launched V2M wireless receiver. It’s a high-speed wireless receiver with a lightning-fast response time of 0.25ms and a 4000Hz polling rate. It unleashes the full potential of the VT3S mouse with faster response time and smoother tracking. The mouse is available as a combo with the V2M as well!!

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