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ROG SCOPE 2 98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

ROG SCOPE 2 98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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ROG NX White Switch:

  • Operating Force:40gf  
  • Tactile Force: 45gf 
  • Pre Travel:1.8mm


>Compact 98-Key Arrangement.

>Versatile Three-Mode Connectivity.

>Omni-Receiver Technology.

>SpeedNova Low-Latency Wireless Technology.

>Three-Way Rotary Switch.

>Newly-Developed NX Mechanical Switches.

>Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets.

>Fully Integrated with AuraSync RGB Backlight.

>Incredible Battery Life.

>Two-Color Injection-Molded PBT Keycaps.

>Factory Lubed Satellite Stabilisers.

>Three-Stage Height.

>Comfortable Typing With Unique Padded Design.

>Compatible with Armoury Crate Driver Software.

Presenting the all-new ROG Strix Scope 2 98 compact 98-key three-mode mechanical keyboard. With an all-new design, compact 98-key arrangement, customized mechanical switches, and versatile three-mode connectivity, the ROG Scope II 98 helps you dominate your competition with its sheer performance. Every single key is registered perfectly, and with the new-generation SpeedNova technology, the keyboard has stable performance with low-latency wireless connectivity. The keyboard is a breeze to use and the gaming experience is greatly improved with its stunning AuraSync RGB backlight!! Easily customize different settings using the Armoury Crate driver software.

Compact & Efficient Layout:-

ROG Strix Scope II 98 has a compact and efficient 96% layout with a 98-key arrangement. All function keys and numeric keys are reserved. It occupies more compact space than a full-sized keyboard and still retains its entire functionality.

Connect As You Like With Three-Mode Connectivity:-

ROG Strix Scope 2 98 keyboard has versatile connection options. The keyboard supports three connection modes featuring wired connectivity with a detachable USB Type-C connector cable, wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy the freedom of connectivity with the ROG STRIX SCOPE II 98 keyboard.

Multiple Devices, One Receiver:-

ROG Strix Scope 2 98 keyboard supports ROG’s omni-receiver technology. The keyboard and other devices from ROG that support omni-receiver technology can be used with a single wireless 2.4GHz receiver dongle.

Low-Latency SpeedNova Technology:-

ROG Scope 2 98 keyboard features low-latency SpeedNova technology. ROG SpeedNova optimizes wireless transmission bringing lower-latency connectivity and bringing in a smoother user experience. ROG’s special SpeedNova technology ensures low power consumption while providing better performance.

Custom-Developed NX Mechanical Switches:-

Get a silky smooth typing experience on the ROG Scope 2 98 mechanical keyboard with the help of newly-developed NX mechanical switches. These switches feature a factory-lubricated base and longer springs for silky-smooth typing with a quick rebound. The keyboard also has full-key hot-swappable sockets that allow for easy replacement whenever required.

Convenient Multi-Function 3-Way Knob:-

ROG Scope II 98 keyboard comes with a multi-function button and 3-way knob that allows for easy control of volume level, backlight brightness, media playback, and more. It can be customized for different functions using the Armory Crate Application.

Dual-Tone Injection Molded PBT Keycaps:-

ROG Scope II 98 keyboard comes equipped with dual-tone injection-molded PBT keycaps. The keycaps have a rich in-hand feel, they feel premium and non-greasy. PBT material keycaps are highly durable and the legends don’t fade off anytime soon.

Incredible Battery Life:-

ROG Strix Scope 2 comes equipped with a large-capacity battery that provides an amazing battery life of up to 1750 hours. Enjoy great typing with zero-lag performance for hours with a single charge.

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