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TTC Flaming Purple Mechanical Keyboard Switches

TTC Flaming Purple Mechanical Keyboard Switches

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Flaming Purple Linear Switch

  • Operating force:42±5gf
  • Pre Travel:1.6±0.3mm
  • Total Travel:3.6±0.5mm
  • Tactile Force: 58±5gf


>Durable POK material build.

>Linear operation.

>Light and quick trigger.

>Accurate trigger response.

>Anti-Oxidation and Anti-Blackening Gold-Plated Silver metal parts.

>New Core design for smooth and accurate operation.


TTC Flaming Purple is a brand new Linear axis mechanical switch that provides an extremely satisfying typing experience to its users. The switch is made using highly durable POK(Polyketone) polymer material which makes the Flaming Purple the most durable switch on the market today. It is designed to use in both offices as well as gaming usage where it promises a silent, smooth experience with a high-speed trigger response.

Gentle & Accurate:

TTC Flaming Purple switches have got a gentle operating force of just 42gF. It allows the users to easy typing with a light trigger where one doesn’t have to apply a lot of force. Keys won’t feel heavy, you will be able to type for long hours without getting tired at all.

Quick Rebound With A 23mm Ultra-Long Spring:

TTC Flaming Purple switches house a large 23mm spring. It provides a quick rebound and improves the efficiency of your keystrokes. The spring gives a balanced strength to the switches that’s neither too hard nor too soft.

New Core Mold Design:

The new Flaming Purple switches adopt an extended core design. The switch structure adopts bottom positioned core design. It not only provides accurate triggering but also gives a soft sound upon key press. 

Short Key-Travel For Quick Trigger:

Flaming Purple switches have got a pre-travel distance of just 1.6mm and a total key travel distance of just 3.6mm. The switches are extremely good for gamers as the keystroke registering is almost instant and the shorter trigger distance enables you to be ahead of your competition.



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