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TTC Frozen Silent V2/Silent Glacier Switches (Factory Pre-lubed)

TTC Frozen Silent V2/Silent Glacier Switches (Factory Pre-lubed)

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>Smooth, Linear Feedback.

>Dual Silenced Structure for quiet operation.

>Redesigned body with clear covers.

>Clear covers provide better illumination with backlit keyboards.

>Low resistance, smooth operation.

>Suitable for Quiet builds.

Technical Specifications:

>Durability: 50 Million.

>Pre-Travel: 2.0mm.

>Complete Travel: 3.5mm.

>Force: 39gf.

TTC has revamped its flagship Frozen Silent switches with an upgraded variant, here’s the latest Frozen Silent V2. It’s a silent linear switch designed with clearer covers with upgraded PC material. The switch offers super-smooth performance with high durability of up to 50 million keystrokes. TTC Frozen Silent V2 switches are crafted specifically for quiet keyboard builds where you want smooth linear feedback and high durability.

Your Next Silent Switch Is here:

If you prefer silent and linear feedback for your mechanical keyboard, the latest Frozen Silent V2 is an ideal switch for you. Designed with top-quality components, and ice-like clear shells, the switches offer a super smooth user experience. The switches have double silencing layers, the shaft, upper cover and the bottom case have their own silencing pads that result in a super-silent user operation. The bottom impact region is also large that effectively reducing the sharp sounds upon keystrokes.

Upgraded PC Material Body:

TTC has designed the switch with upgraded PC material. The shells are pure and clear just like a block of ice. They offer improved durability, and don’t wear or get discolored easily. With more transparency of the switch shell, they are brighter than the OG Frozen Silent switches giving over 60% brighter backlight.

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