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TTC Gold Pro Series Switches

TTC Gold Pro Series Switches

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TTC Gold Silver Linear Switches
Operating Force:45gf
Pre Travel:1.4mm
Total Travel:3.5mm

TTC Gold Red Pro Linear Switches
Operating Force:43±gf
Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.8±0.3mm

TTC Gold Brown Pro Tactile Switches
Operating Force:45±10gf
Pre Travel:2.0±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.8±0.3mm

New Material
The TTC gold switch pro series will introduce a new type of polymer composite material for making the switch core, which not only has the high wear resistance of POM, but also has the flexibility and smoothness of UPE.

New Molds
In order to match the injection molding characteristics of the new material and ensure the injection molding accuracy, the switch core precision mold was redesigned, and at the same time, the matching accuracy of the switch core with the upper cover and the base was improved, thereby effectively reducing the shaking of the pressing operation.

TTC Gold switch professional edition PRO series, the switch core is made of new polymer composite materials, the whole series adopts high-precision molds, and the factory is precisely lubricated, with high product consistency and ready-to-use.



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