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TTC Golden Dust-proof Micro Switches

TTC Golden Dust-proof Micro Switches

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>Clearer Movement.

>Quick-Trigger, Smooth Rebound.

>High-Durability(60 Million/80 Million Keystrokes).

>5-Layered Dustproof Design.

>No Double-Click Issue.

>Crafted With High-Quality Components.

>Trigger Force: 45. 75gf.

>Rebound Force: 25gf Min.

>Soldering Temperature: 255±5°C.

>Key-Travel: 0.3±0.2mm.

Replace the boring switches on your mouse with the new TTC Golden micro-motion switches. These offer greater clicking feedback with a quick trigger, solid rebound, high durability, and a 5-layered dust-proof design. The TTC Golden switches offer easy and smooth clicking feedback that helps you feel every single click on your mouse!!

Smooth, Satisfying Clicks:-

TTC Golden Micro-Motion switches provide smooth and satisfying clicking feedback. These offer a quick-trigger response with a rebound of a minimum 25gf force on every click. The clicking operation is silent and silky smooth.

5-Layered Dust-Proof Design:-

TTC Golden micro-motion switches have a 5-layered dust-proof design. This protects the switches from damage caused by dust buildup mainly affecting clicking feedback and also causing double-click issues. With its specially optimized structure, the TTC Golden switches have resistance to double-click issues.


TTC Golden switches are available in two variants. One variant has a rated durability of up to 60 million clicks while the other has a durability rating of up to 80 million clicks.


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