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TTC Honey/Tiger High Transparency Keycaps

TTC Honey/Tiger High Transparency Keycaps

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>Fully transparent design.

>Raised 3D-styled designs.

>Fully displays the Backlight effects of your keyboards.

>Clear build.

>Solid, Durable build.

>Adds a new refreshing look to your keyboard.

Spreading all the love this Valentine’s Day, TTC Honey artisan keycaps are here. Designed with a fully transparent shell design, the keycaps have a 3D-raised heart at the top. TTC has also introduced a Tiger artisan keycap based on the theme of “Year Of The Tiger”. Upgrade your keyboard with these amazing artistic keycaps that come in a set of five in each pack.

Gift Your Loved Ones The Keycaps Of Heart:

July is the month of Love in the Chinese Calendar. The first week especially as the 7th of July is celebrated as Chinese Valentines Day. TTC Honey keycaps feature a heart at the top in a 3D raised design so that whenever you touch/press the keycaps you feel the heart on your fingers.

Year Of The Tiger Themed Design:

According to the Chinese calendar, 2022 is the year of the tiger. TTC celebrates the Year of the tiger with the release of their specially designed TTC Tiger artisan keycaps. They have a face of a tiger printed at the top of the keycaps in a 3D-raised manner so that you feel the tiger upon each keypress.

Fully-Transparent Design:

TTC Honey/Tiger Artisan keycaps have a fully transparent look. The shell is clear, one can simply see through them. This benefits the keyboard with single/multi-color backlight as they transmit the complete look of the backlight and creates a beautiful experience for the users.

Strong & Durable:

TTC has designed the Tiger/Honey artistic keycaps using a solid, high-quality fully transparent material. They not only look elegant but also have a solid structure. The keycaps have high heat resistance, low friction coefficient, and low water absorption, making them as durable as ever!!! 

Package Content:

Keycaps *5
Honey Switch *5(for Honey keycaps only)or Tiger OG Switch *5 (for Tiger keycaps only)
Switch Tester*1

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