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2023 TTC Iron Mechanical Switches

2023 TTC Iron Mechanical Switches

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TTC Iron Linear switch
Operating Force:41gf   
Pre Travel:1.4mm  
Total Travel:3.8mm  

TTC Iron Tactile switch
Operating force:42gf   
Pre Travel:2.0mm  
Total Travel:3.3mm


>New Upgraded POM Material Build.

>Self-Lubricating Design.

>Factory-Lubed For Smooth Operation Out of the Box.

>Further Optimised Structure For Reducing Shrapnel Sound.

>Solid Build & Design.

>Light Guide Column.

>Comfortable Typing Experience.

>Smooth Typing Experience.

>Linear & Tactile Feedback Options.

>Solid, Authorised Typing.

>Long Durability.

Introducing the all-new TTC Iron high-performance mechanical switches. Entirely designed with high-quality upgraded POM material, the TTC Iron switches offer silky smooth typing with a light trigger force. The switches are available in two different actuation types, Linear and Tactile. They come factory lubed and POM material has a self-lubing structure,. The more you type, the smoother these become!! Treat your keyboard with the all-new TTC Iron switches and upgrade your keyboards today!!

Upgraded POM Material Build:-

POM material is widely being used today in new-generation mechanical switches. TTC has used further optimized POM material(PolyFromaldehyde). The entire IRON switches(Switch core, top cover, bottom cover, etc) are entirely made up of POM material. It offers a solid build with a self-lubricating design. The more you type, the smoother these become.

Optimized Structure Design For Silent Operation:-

TTC Iron switches are designed to provide super smooth typing with minimal sound. TTC has optimized the structure of the IRON switches to greatly reduce shrapnel sound and deliver a silent typing experience to the users.

Light Guide Column For Backlit Keyboards:-

The upgraded POM material is opaque in nature. It won’t let the backlit of your keyboard pass through. To counter this, TTC has designed the IRON switches with a hollowed-out shape in the bottom and top covers. The switches actually have a light-guide column to enhance the backlight glow.

Silky Smooth Typing:-

POM Material is known for its silky smooth typing experience. The latest TTC Iron switches come pre-lubed from the factory. They have a self-lubricating design making your keystrokes smoother as you type!!

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