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TTC Titan Heart Linear Mechanical Switches (RGB version)

TTC Titan Heart Linear Mechanical Switches (RGB version)

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>Attack on Titan Theme design.

>Quick trigger response.

>Stable operation.

>Long spring, improved rebound.

>Factory lubricated.

>Lego structure.


>Actuation force: 42gf.

>Trigger stroke: 1.2mm.

>Total stroke: 3.6mm.

>Spring length: 24mm.

>Durability: 100 million keystrokes.

TTC in collaboration with Higround has released the all-new Titan Heart mechanical switches. Quick Trigger, Linear Actuation, Stable keystrokes, long durability, solid build structure, are some of the key features of these new switches. TTC has designed these on the Attack of the Titan theme with the Higround. Compared to their recently launched Heart switches, the new Titan Heart switches have a quicker response, short key travel, and shorter trigger stroke too!! Will you bring the Titan Heart switches for your keyboard??

Respond Faster With Quick Trigger Response:-

TTC Titan Heart Switches are designed to keep you ahead of your competition.  They take light trigger force and have a shorter trigger distance compared to the other mechanical switches from TTC. Titan Heart switches register the keystrokes instantly, helping you in competitive gaming titles.

Solid Build Structure:-

TTC X Higround Titan Heart switches have got a solid build structure. They have a lego-styled build and are constructed in a smoke black finish. The shaft has a complementing red color. There’s also a red heart embedded inside the switches.

Long Spring For A Strong Rebound:-

TTC has designed the latest Titan Heart switches with a long 24mm spring. It rebounds quickly, giving you a proper mechanical feel while typing. The switches have a linear response for an easy and smooth typing experience.

Long Durability:-

Don’t worry about your switches going bad, the TTC Titan Heart switches have got a long durability rating of up to 100 million keystrokes. 

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