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TTC Holy Panda Switches (Factory Lubed)

TTC Holy Panda Switches (Factory Lubed)

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  • Produced by TTC
  • Tactile 63.5g gold-plated spring
  • Stem material: POM
  • Top housing material: PC
  • Bottom housing material: Nylon
  • PCB mount
  • MX-compatible
  • Lubed from the factory

Holy Panda keyboard switch is a tactile keyboard switch jointly customized by Holy Panda and TTC. Its operating force is 63.5GF and it adopts gold-plated spring structure. It is a tactile keyboard switch with strong sense of tactile, strong sense of confirmation and smooth and not obtuse. This keyboard switch also adopts customized TTC dustproof wall structure keyboard switch core, stable bottom touch, bottom sound. Factory lubrication, feel smooth, ready to use. It is a classic panda keyboard switch.

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