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TTC Silent Red Linear Switches (Factory Pre-lubed)

TTC Silent Red Linear Switches (Factory Pre-lubed)

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  • TTC Silent Red Switch:
  • Operating force:45±10gf
  • Pre-travel:1.9±0.6mm
  • Total travel:3.7-0.4mm
  • Leaf spring: Gold contact
  • Terminal: Gold contact
  • Characteristics: Linear


Silent: It adopts a double-safety silencing structure design-the upper cover, the base has a large impact contact area, and the elastic deformation is small. The mute effect is obvious and the pressing is smooth.

Stable: It adopts a double side wall structure patent. When the shaft core is pressed down, it fits tightly with the upper cover, and the shaft core moves up and down as stable as a rock.

Crystal clear. The switch uses transparent upper and down covers, the backlight can trough it, have beautiful backlight.

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