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TTC Speed Silver V2 Linear Mechanical Switches

TTC Speed Silver V2 Linear Mechanical Switches

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TTC has released their latest Speed Silver V2 mechanical switches, an upgrade to the previous Speed Silver switches. These switches offer faster trigger, better durability, smooth linear operation, high-quality components, and reliable and stable performance for the best e-sports experience. 


>Super fast response with Electronic Trigger.

>Smooth and Linear Response.

>Accurate trigger response.

>Prevents accidental trigger.

>Wear Gold and Wear Silver process.

>Superb Durability.

Technical Parameters:

>Initial Pressure: 39gf.

>Total Pressure: 45±4gf.

>Total Travel: 3.4±0.4mm.

>Actuation point: 1.08+0.4mm/-0.08mm.

>Total durability: 100 million keystrokes.

Be E-Sports Ready:

With ultra-fast trigger response, short trigger travel, and less initial force required to operate the Speed Silver switches, the TTC Speed Silver brings a fast trigger response ideally required by e-sports professionals and gamers. Fast trigger enables the users to be ahead in their competition where every millisecond matters.

Highly-Accurate Trigger Response:

Based on the first generation of quicksilver switches, TTC has improved the accuracy of the bold, trigger characteristics, anti-false touch control, and Stability for the Speed Silver V2 switches. The switches are further optimized and adjusted for an accurate typing experience. Compared to the V1 of speed silver switches, the V2 has a 20% increased trigger accuracy.

Improved Oxidation Resistance & Durability:

TTC Quick Silver V2 Switches adopt the advanced “Gold and Silver plated” components as the latest launched Love and the Speed Gold V2 mechanical switches. This adds an extra anti-oxidation coating to the conductive metal surface of the switch body. It heavily improves the durability of the switches.


Apart from delivering a smooth, linear typing experience with an ultra-fast trigger, the TTC Speed Silver V2 switches also have amazing durability. The switches provide a highly durable experience with up to 100 million keystrokes lifespan.


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