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TTC Titan Heart Switch

TTC Titan Heart Switch

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"Attack on Titan" is a juvenile manga work created by Japanese cartoonist Isayama Hajime. It tells the story of the sudden emergence of the human's natural enemy "Titan" in the world. Faced with an existential crisis, the surviving humans fled to a place and built three huge walls. 60-meter-high "super-Titan" suddenly appeared and destroyed the city gate with overwhelming force. Thus began the story of the end-time war between humans and giants. 

Soldier commander Levi, a natural warrior, is the strongest soldier of mankind, known as "the strongest of mankind". He has three-dimensional and deep facial features, and his appearance is cold but delicate inside. Possess a number of excellent techniques, such as beheading the Titan after throwing a blade that damages its vision, and performing a spiral cut with a three-dimensional motorized device. With great speed, battles are often over in an instant. He has the handsomeness of a hero, and his popularity is overwhelming.

Higround x TTC  joint customization  Titan Heart Mechanical Keyswitch


The Titan Heart mechanical keyswitch adopts TTC Lego type combined structure. Like TTC Honey keyswitch, it is composed of 9 parts, of which the keyswitch core is composed of 3 parts: the upper part is made of high transparent material, the lower part is made of POM material, and the middle red heart is made of ABS material; The base consists of two parts: PC outer covering and PA guide device; The upper cover is made of PC, 3-pin and gold-plated long spring structure.

Compared with TTC Honey keyboard switch, the pre travel of Titan Heart mechanical keyswitch is 1.2mm, and the trigger efficiency is increased by 40%; The minimum initial pressure is 37g, which can effectively prevent accidental contact; The total travel is 3.6mm and the Honey keyswitch is 3.8mm. Titan Heart mechanical keyswitch is faster and more agile, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency.

Higround's collaboration with the Attack on Titan tells a story dedicated to self-expression. The keyboard adopts the unique "TTC Titan Heart" mechanical keyswitch of Higround. In appearance, it adopts a smoke black outer covering. Through the top of the keyswitch core, you can see that each keyswitch core is embedded with a heart, which represents a brave and tough heart in the dark. These unique visual effects reflect Higround's focus on detail and reliability, which is related to the toughness theme of Attack on Titan, The keyboard is designed to withstand storms in any case.

Soldier commander (soldier commander of the Investigation Corps), levi Ackerman theme mechanical keyboard

Super Titan theme mechanical keyboard

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