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TTC Venus Linear Switches

TTC Venus Linear Switches

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1. Technical Specifications:

TTC Venus Linear switch (Gold top cover):

  • Feel: Linear.
  • Trigger pressure: 45gf.
  • Trigger stroke: 1.8mm.
  • Total travel: 3.8mm.
  • Durability: 100 million.

2. Features:

>Stable, Smooth, Transparent typing experience.
>Linear Feedback.
>High-Speed Train Structure.
>One-Piece Long Spring Design.
>Translucent Dual-Channel Design.
>Long Lifespan of over 100 million keystrokes.
>Silky Smooth Operation.
>Factory pre-lubed.

3. Original High-Speed Rail Structure:

The latest TTC Neptune and Venus mechanical switches are designed with the original rail-structure designs patented by TTC. This includes a long spring, lego-like build, ensuring quality typing with smooth trigger and quick rebound.

4. Silky, Smooth Typing:

TTC Neptune and Venus mechanical switches are designed to deliver a silky smooth, fully rounded typing experience. The switches have linear feedback promising smooth, lag-free typing.

5. Translucent Dual-Channel Design:

TTC Neptune and Venus switches are compatible with RGB keyboards, featuring translucent bottom chamber designs. This allows for the RGB LEDs to glow through the switches and display the backlighting nicely.

6. Highly Durable:

With a long lifespan of about 100 million keystrokes, TTC Neptune and Venus mechanical switches are highly durable. You can put these on to your keyboard and simply forget about replacing them anytime soon.

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