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VGN Dragonfly F1 4K Dongle

VGN Dragonfly F1 4K Dongle

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>High-Speed Wireless 4000Hz Receiver.

>Designed for VGN Dragonfly F1 Pro and F1 Pro Max mouse.

>Smart Speed Wireless Technology.

>Smoother, Faster, and More Accurate Experience.

>Easy Pairing.

>Plug & Play Operation.

>Compatible with VGN Hub Driver Software.

VGN has introduced the all-new Dragonfly 4k wireless receiver. It is a smart speed wireless receiver designed to be used with VGN Dragonfly F1 Pro and F1 Pro Max mouse. It brings the best performance out of both the mice with its unmatched 4000Hz polling rate. The mouse gets smoother tracking with faster response becoming up to 4 times faster than their standard performance!!

High-Speed 4000Hz Polling Rate:

With the Dragonfly 4K receiver, the mouse return rate can be increased up to 4000Hz. It greatly affects the performance improving it to be good with 4 times the data transmission rate of standard settings.  With a lower delay, the mouse performs better, has smoother tracking, and has a faster response time. It can also be set at 2000hz to achieve a balanced setting between performance and power consumption.

Faster, Smoother Response:

The higher the polling rate, the smoother, the faster the response is. With a faster return rate, the mouse performs better. The tracking is smoother and has a faster response time as well. Your clicks are registered quickly and your aim will get better with faster and more precise tracking. This helps you defeat your competition with ease and stay ahead in competitive games.

Easy Pairing:

VGN has launched its driver software known as VGN Hub. The VGN Hub allows for easy and simple pairing between the Dragonfly 4K receiver and compatible mouse. It is capable of bringing the best performance out of the connected mouse by unlocking its true potential of a fast return rate!!

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