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Gateron Optical Switches(SK61 SK64 Using)

Gateron Optical Switches(SK61 SK64 Using)

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1.This link is only Gateron Optical switches for optical switches keyboard.

2.It can support SMD optical keyboard,such as SK61 /SK64 /X-bow Nature Knight

​3.This optical switches can't interchange for mechanical MX switches.Such as GK61 GK64 can't use it.The bottom is different structure.

Gateron Optical switches 

Optical Blue --Tactile clicky feeling,acuation weight is around 55±15gf,actuation distance is around 2.3mm

Optical Black--Linear switches,actuation weight is around 60±15gf

Optical Red--Linear switches,actuation weight is around 45±15gf

Optical Brown--Tactile unclicky feeling,acuation weight is around 55±15gf

Optical Silver--Linear switches,speed is faster than red,acuation weight is around 45±15gf

Optical Yellow--Linear switches,acuation weight is around 35±15gf

Optical green -- Linear switches,actuation 35±15gf.Total travel is around 4mm

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