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YUNZII Otter Cherry Profile Keycap Set

YUNZII Otter Cherry Profile Keycap Set

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PBT Keycaps

The YUNZII keycap Set delivers in quality with ultra-durable PBT plastic whose legends will never wear away. Compared to ABS material, PBT is less common and feels textures, and is more durable. It's dry and not easy to get oily.

Dye Sublimation Technique

As to ensure an impressive color scheme and enjoyable typing experience, the YUNZII keycap applies high-quality PBT dye-sublimation technology. The Dye-Sub PBT keycaps enhance the overall durability with water and dust resistance.

Standard Cherry Profile

Designed with the popular Cherry profile, this keycaps set can work as the most basic and comfortable set. It is sculpted to be more efficient and comfortably pressed that can reduce the distance the fingers need to stretch to reach each key.

140 Keys - Full Compatibility with Layouts and MX switches

This set with 140 keycaps will fit any size keyboard, like 61/87/104/108/84/64/98/96 and full-size mechanical keyboards. We cover it all. Get one set and make it all work. It is a good choice for you to DIY your gaming setup.

Note: The package only included 140 keycaps and a keycap puller.


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