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Zaopin Z1 PRO 3395 Mouse

Zaopin Z1 PRO 3395 Mouse

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>Dual-Mode Wireless Connectivity.

>High-Performance NORDIC Main Control Chip.

>Flagship PAW3395 Gaming-Grade Sensor.

>Maximum 26000 DPI.

>Six-Level On The Go Adjustable DPI Settings.

>Quick Response Time with 1000Hz Polling Rate.

>Supports 2000Hz and 4000Hz Polling Rate With Extra Dongle.

>Ultra-lightweight Design.

>Huano Micro-Motion Switches.

>TTC Golden Scroll Wheel.

>Comfortable & Ergonomic.

>Compact & Robust Build Structure.

>Suitable for Gamers.

>Long Battery Life.

>Available in Two Design Variants(Hollow and Full Bottom).

>Two Performance Variants(Standard & Super Flight).

>Dimensions: 110x62x38.5mm.

>Weight: 46 grams(standard) 51 grams(Super Flight Version with 500mA Battery).

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is a premium gaming mouse designed with a high-performance NORDIC Chipset. It features a flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor that enhances performance with precise accuracy, quick trigger response, and faster tracking. You get adjustable DPI up to 26000DPI with six-level adjustable settings. The mouse can be configured between 125Hz to 1000Hz polling rate. It has an ultra-lightweight design weighing in at just 46 grams which makes it one of the lightest gaming mice available on the market!!

Ultra-Lightweight Design:

Zaopin Z1 Pro is one of the lightest mice that you can get today. It weighs as low as 46 grams for the standard variant and 51 grams for the super-flight variant. The lightweight design allows the mouse to glide smoothly and provides a comfortable usage experience.

High-Performance NORDIC SoC:

At the very core of the Zaopin Z1 Pro, we have the NORDIC N52840 SoC chipset. It provides the mouse with smoother operation with stable wireless connectivity. The 52840 is a specially optimized low-power consumption chipset that provides the mouse with excellent performance and extremely low power consumption.

Flagship-Grade Gaming Sensor:

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro houses an authentic PAW3395 Gaming Sensor. It’s a flagship-grade gaming sensor that provides exceptional DPI performance up to 26000DPI, fast 650IPS tracking, and 50G acceleration. The mouse allows you to have six adjustable levels of DPI on the go. By default, these are set at 400-800-1600-2400-3200-6400, but you can customize these as you require.

Premium TTC Golden Wheel Encoder:

The Z1 Pro gaming mouse features a high-quality TTC golden wheel encoder on the scroll wheel. It is a highly responsive and smooth wheel encoder and has a lifespan of up to 2 million cycles.

High-Quality HUANO Micro-Motion Switches:

Z1 Pro features high-quality micro motion switches from Huano. They have a smooth movement with quick rebound and soft acoustics. The clicking experience with the Huano switches is buttery smooth and durable. They reduce double-clicking issues and have a life span of 80 million clicks.

Wireless Mouse For Small-Handed Users:

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro gaming mouse is designed for comfortable and fatigue-free usage by small-handed users. The mouse has been designed based on big data on the gripping style of the majority of players. It has been designed to give a flexible and comfortable grip!!

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