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TTC Tiger Switch standard edition installation experience

It finally came! Before the Spring Festival this year, TTC released the OG version of the tiger switch. The switch is a good switch, but unfortunately it is a bit expensive, and there are only 10 switch in the blessing gift box set, so I can't try the overall feel on my keyboard. 

At that time, the official said that the Standard Version of the tiger switch would be launched after the festival, and sure enough, it came.

TTC Tiger Switch
TTC Tiger Switch

The name and parameters of the switch are not marked on the packaging. The silver color scheme is much weaker than the gold version of the OG version. In the official publicity, the standard version has four kinds of packages, which are 10 packs with switch tester, 24 packs, 36 packs without shaft tester and 100 packs.

TTC Tiger Switch

Compared with the OG version, the storage box inside is different in that the OG version has a transparent upper cover, which is more effective for display; the standard version has a brown transparent upper cover, which has a greater storage function, but the official promotional pictures are all Transparent cover.


The tiger switch head pattern and Renyin (Traditional Chinese world) pattern on the upper cover are one of the iconic features of the tiger switch. Compared with the golden pattern of the OG version, the standard version is much duller. Because of the different craftsmanship, the upper cover of the standard version is integrally formed. The cost should be reduced a lot, which is more conducive to the promotion of Tiger switch.

Five pins switch, be aware, you must remember it, and you will have to test it later; the junction of the terminal foot and the base adopts the anti-penetration technology with glue, which is the same as the OG version, and has not shrunk.



From the disassembly results, the internal structure and process of the standard version and the OG version are almost identical: the number of disassembled parts, the length of the spring, and the silver-plated anti-corrosion coating of the metal terminals.



The biggest difference is that the cross button of the standard version is one-piece, and the OG version can be split into two parts.



Prepare to get on the computer, find the original keyboard, and after pulling out the keycap and the shaft for a long time, I found that this switch board does not support the five pins switch, so I remind players again that when buying a tiger switch, remember to match it with a supporting five pins switch kit.


A keyboard was found in the warehouse, Dareu A98, but fortunately it is supported. So I began to painfully pull out the keycap and the switch. In order to experience the tiger switch, there was no way.


The main key area of the keyboard is well spelled, subjective opinion, the color of the switch of the standard version of the tiger switch is not as bright as the previous TTC Gold-Pink V2, which could caused by the black cover. 



Because there is no light-transmitting hole reserved for the tiger switch, and the upper cover is black, the shielding of the backlight will be more, and the light can basically only penetrate through the switch gap where the lamp bead is located.

When the indoor environment is bright, the backlight is hardly to see.

The light transmittance is not a little worse than the transparent cover of the Frozen Silent V2.


I talked about so many appearances and dismantling the backlight, and finally I will talk about the most important use of the switch. As another linear switch launched by TTC, what is the difference between the tiger switch and other linear switch bodies, and what kind of players is it suitable for?

First, it stands out as being fast. Compared with the cherry red switch or TTC's own flame red switch, its pre-travel distance is only 3.7mm, while the first two are 4.0mm, the press down difference is quite obvious. The bottom is fast and the rebound is fast. When typing, the entire stroke of pressing, triggering and restoring the keys is completed in one go, without any slack.

Second, it also focuses on fast speed. What is the difference between that and the Quicksilver switch? In terms of parameters, the Tiger switch is very similar to the Quicksilver switch. The difference is that the total travel distance of the Tiger switch is 3.7mm, and the Quicksilver switch is 3.4mm. Short; bottoming pressure is 55gf for Tiger and 58gf for Quicksilver. The quick silver switch is faster, after all, this is directly named on the name, but the tiger shaft will be more Q-bomb, the feel is more delicate, the switch body can feel its stroke better under the slow taste, Pressing, bottoming, and rebounding, the deformation state of the spring can even emerge in your mind, and you can feel the stability and smoothness of the shaft core. I think it should be the unique 25.5mm long spring of the Tiger switch that plays a key role.

Written by: Stanleyjie

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